(Furnace) The reporting unit has poor earth grounding. Once programming is complete, reconnect thermostat wires and reconfigure system. Cut O-R. Applicable with non communicating outdoor unit with communicating indoor system. The alarm/fault clears after the issue is corrected. Check all connections and cycle system power. Shut off gas. The iComfort® S30, iComfort® E30, and iComfort M30 smart thermostats are compatible with IFTTT, allowing for even greater comfort control. (Outdoor Unit) Either the discharge or suction pressure level is out-of-limits, or the is compressor overloaded. (Furnace) The furnace rollout limit switch is open. (Furnace) The heating airflow is below the mini- mum required level. If unable to operate 2nd stage, replace control. The system will go into Watchguard mode. Reset rollout switch. Please Note: This component does not support the Lennox iComfort S30 or Lennox iComfort E30 thermostats. Check for dirty filters. Smart Away - Uses the iComfort® Thermostat and user If 2 stage with float switch, the IFC control R-DS is open. Make sure Electric Heat option is selected. Page 57 Replace the icomfort thermostat with a conventional thermostat that vide me a choice to add a non−com- have the ability to control a non− has a dual fuel control mode (e.g. This lineup is led by the flagship, iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat, which Lennox describes as “the ultimate controller” for home comfort. The thermostat will shut down the system. Heating system does not turn off and the heat temperature setting is set below the room temperature (’’Heat On” is not shown in display.). Replace link or hard-wire. (This is considered a transient state because the mobile device will disconnect from the Lennox … (Furnace) The furnace is in Watchguard mode. Heat call with no configured or mis-configured electric heat. (Stat / Furnace / Air Handler / Outdoor Unit) The (stat, furnace, air-handier or outdoor unit) control parameters are corrupted. (Pilot relay contacts did not close or the relay coil did not energize; no input back to IFC chip). 10F81 if the the model number around 3-4 - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you … The 24VAC iComfort Wi‐Fi® thermostat is an electronic communicating, color display touchscreen and 7-day programmable thermostat. Page 1 HOMEOWNER'S MANUAL ® iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat ©2014 Lennox Industries Inc. Dallas, Texas, USA Touch-Screen Programmable Communicating Thermostat CONTROLS ® iComfort Wi-Fi Web and Mobile 507342-01 Apps 2/2014 Supersedes 507200-01 General ® Congratulations on choosing the iComfort Wi-Fi touch-screen, programmable thermostat… Check system operating pressures and compare to unit charging charts in installation manual. Lennox icomfort Wi-Fi thermostat troubleshooting Alert Code Priority Alert Text Steps to clear 10 Critical (Stat) The thermostat has found an unknown device on the system. Y1 relay failed; operation stopped. Cleared after jumper is connected. Reset power to clear. Heat section / Stage 4 failed (Same as Code 351). Replace motor or wheel if assembly does not operate or meet performance standards. (Stat) The system has not been able to turn on the heating for more than 45 minutes. ©2014 Lennox Industries Inc. Dallas, Texas, USA CONTROLS QUICK START GUIDE 507345-01 2/2014 Supersedes 507144-01 iComfort Wi‐Fi® Thermostat INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS THIS MANUAL MUST BE LEFT WITH THE The furnace igniter cannot turn on the flame. Typically, this alarm/code does not cause any issues and will clear on its own. Shut off gas. Lennox icomfort Wi-Fi thermostat troubleshooting. Make sure there is an icomfort indoor unit on the system.

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