In the event of a fire, the sock melts on itself and suffocates” Amazon reviews contain photos off Nectar… Jim. So we pulled the mattress out of the box and laid it ontop of our current box spring. I recently ordered and received this mattress. The Arctic Dreams mattress is mainly sold on Amazon where it has a 4.5 star rating and almost 2.5 thousand reviews. So you are probably reading these reviews wondering if you should order a cheap (priced) latex bed over the internet. due to potential for sagging in the torso area, and it also provides no bounce for people who like responsive mattresses. Based on the quality of the materials, we predict that the Copper Dreams will last five to seven years. The 13” model is medium, or a 5/10 on the firmness scale. It is also excellent. Although both the Copper Dreams and, beds are low in cost relative to other options, the. The 13” model is medium, or a 5/10 on the firmness scale. I put on bedskirt. May all benefit! When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. I got a LUNA from here on Amazon. No more shoulder pain from side sleeping. I hate the cigarette smell of the mattress salesperson at Sleepy's who tries to sell me on a bed I try, then, as soon as I try a different bed, starts telling me why that bed, not the other, is the best. It works great on my bad back! It was comfortable and supportive but for me, I wanted a little bit softer. I can now sleep comfortably on my back or side. Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Comparison article to learn more. I just bought whichever felt good at the store and was in the price range and probably bought a new one twice now since leaving my parent’s home in 1997 and my Dad used to remind me that a mattress should be changed every 8 years. We talked with Chuck (great customer service), and he suggested giving it a full two weeks before doing an exchange. It was soft yet supportive, and the worst part about my Nectar is although fully rested, I get upset when I have to wake up. All I can say to you is just order this mattress - it's GREAT!!! I bear hugged it and carried/dragged it to my bedroom. The combination of the comfort layer and the contour layer of memory foam create a sinking feeling that works especially well for side sleepers, lightweight sleepers and anyone who loves memory foam. This bed should particularly appeal to side sleepers and those who like to feel cradled by their mattress. I contacted Chuck and he said that I should wait and sleep on it for a while before changing it out. It really is a dream to sleep on. I would say that the 8 matched the pillow top quite well and I slept on it for about a month. This is the best matress I have ever slept on. These mattresses should do well for you unless you have a bigger build or use the mattress more than average. But after a few days we both definitely felt as though the mattress was too firm. People who struggle with aches and pains should avoid the, due to its firmer-than-average feel and minimal. Like other DreamFoam mattresses, it is offered in three firmness levels. Layer #2: Comfort Layer: The memory foam comfort layer is 3” in the medium-firm model and 1.5” in the firm model. He helped me reroute my delivery and even covered the shipping cost, which he didn't have to do because it was my fault that I was changing the address. Having just gone through the hassle returning of another mattress we decided to keep it and maybe buy a mattress topper for it. I chose a six (comfy yet firm enough for lower back and side support), and my husband chose the eight (soft luxurious, decent support), and he loves it. Me: 5'9" and about 210lbs. If I had to change the firmness one way or the other I might do a 7 next time which would be a little softer, but I've always liked soft mattresses. It doesn’t have any weird funky smells. If I did that on my old mattress, it meant lots of back pain. I knew this was not uncommon and I could need days, weeks or even a month to adjust to a new mattress. The DreamFoam Chill Memory Foam is a gel memory foam mattress that’s available in five heights, each of which corresponds to a different firmness level. Nectar and, yes, cutting the plastic with scissors was exciting as it expanded. Figured it must be great if the reviews were all good. I bought the mattress with high hopes that it would help my back pain, but I can attest that it has gotten worse since I've been sleeping on it. The warranty protects against defects in materials and workmanship such as body impressions more than 1” deep, cracking of the foam and sagging. The company said this was the most comfortable mattress and I laughed at first when I heard this, but it is actually true. We found it slightly softer than our previous mattress (that’s just our opinion though). Trust me, this is the solution for your sleeping issues. We were recommended the Nectar mattress by her Chiropractor and thought that was silly, being reccomended a mattress, but her Osteopath also recommended the mattress and we decided to learn more. After two nights of sleeping on this mattress, my back pains were gone and I am sleeping better than I have in years. If you enjoy a bouncy sleeping surface, you’ll likely be better off with an innerspring mattress, hybrid mattress or latex mattress. Well worth it! And I have slept on them. Its slow response to pressure makes it a great pick for people who love a traditional memory foam feel, as well as shoppers looking for an all-foam mattress that will provide a cool sleeping experience. No, customers shouldn’t flip the DreamFoam Copper Dreams mattress because the mattress is designed to be layered in a specific manner. MAKE sure you buy a waterproof mattress a size that will fit the new mattress and have it ready. It is a very unique feel. After a few hours I got the chance to try it out and knew immediately I had made the right decision. We recommend the soft comfort level (12”) for lightweight and average-weight side sleepers, and heavyweight side sleepers will do better on the firm option (13”), which has a slightly thicker core to support their body weight as they sink in. Absolutely love the mattress! The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The DreamFoam Copper Dreams is a memory foam mattress with a copper-graphite infusion to help sleepers stay cool. We had a queen bed for so long and desperately needed a king since our baby sleeps with us. It was like sleeping on a rock, the foam was not thick/dense enough to support our weight and we sunk right down to the base for the mattress. The mattress feels so good and smells wonderful, fresh. Dreamfoam is a wallet-friendly brand produced by Brooklyn Bedding, a well-known mattress company with over two decades in the industry, and the Arctic Dreams mattress is a high-performing all-foam option with a compelling blend of contouring and bounce. I have never even turned the mattress. This period ensures your body has time to adjust to the bed. Experience in the company was very good. However, some back sleepers enjoy a softer mattress, and if that’s you, the Copper Dreams could be a good pick. As a new company, they didn’t yet have a large online presence. The one change that has occurred is the introduction of the two other mattress types – the ‘Medium’ mattress, that scores a 5/10 for support, used to be the only mattress yo… That is bologna. The warranty protects against defects in materials and workmanship such as body impressions more than 1” deep, cracking of the foam and sagging. Still, you can rotate the DreamFoam mattress around every six months to ensure even distribution of pressure. Funny as it sounds, this is a novel concept in the mattress industry. I ordered the same firmness (5) as before, and it is wonderful.It has not sagged and I like not having to have a foundation. After countless hours of online research I decided to purchase this bed as a Christmas present for my 66 year old mother. After a week of sleeping on it, the wife agrees it was a good purchase. Foam mattresses don't have a firm edge to sit on if you're used to a more traditional mattress. I am very pleased with our purchase. I've had the mattress for not quite a year now, and it is already showing signs of sagging on the side that I sleep on. I also have a hard time falling asleep in any other bed that isn’t this one. In general, it’s not going to be the best new bed for stomach sleepers due to potential for sagging in the torso area, and it also provides no bounce for people who like responsive mattresses. In general, it’s not going to be the best. Like clouds!! Figuring out if a brand or product has good customer satisfaction ratings is not always easy. Would recommend it especially for the price in comparison. There are no coils to provide the bounce and mobility that this sleeper type typically enjoys for ease of changing position, and the memory foam creates the feeling that you’re sleeping “in” the bed rather than “on” it. Mattress & furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. We were a little nervous at first to purchase a mattress online without feeling how soft/firm it was but Chuck walked us through the process and was very informative. I couldn’t be happier for the price I paid. I don’t think that even during workouts, I’d feel as good as I do when resting on my Nectar. Get an Instant Discount for Nectar:   Get $399 Of Free Accessories With Mattress, I was really nervous ordering a $999 mattress through Amazon with nightmarish thoughts about being stuck with something I didn't like, or trying to figure out how to ship it back. The Copper Dreams mattress is an all-foam mattress by DreamFoam that has multiple layers of memory foam and a cooling cover. Still we both agreed that scent was a non-issue. Company was great as well. It was really easy to set up as well! Too grammatically correct. It’s also made with. If they fall below your shoulders, it could cause lower back or neck pain. It literally makes me want to stay in bed all day. But not this one. A month in, no failure to retain the original shape. Dreamfoam Bedding is a lower cost brand by Brooklyn Bedding. I like super soft mattresses and my boyfriend likes beds that are a little bit more firm so we settled on a level 8 without the Eurotop. I aired it out for a few days and when I finally lay on it, it was an absolutely amazing feeling. 6 considered Med (not to firm/soft). The bed’s top layers are too soft for lightweight, average-weight or heavyweight stomach sleepers. It came vacuum-sealed so we carefully cut the seal and it literally “popped” into place. If you're looking for a luxury mattress, then DreamCloud is definitely the better … Too complimentary. We bought a king and it’s so comfortable. My wife and I had slept on a Tempurpedic, but we were looking for something a little more comfortable and hopefully less expensive. Disclosure: By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Nerd may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. The new latex topper (6) made a lot of difference and provided the firmness that I needed and still gave some softness to sink in a little.I am very happy with this mattress and the customer service that Chuck provided made a difficult decision to buy a mattress with out laying on it much easier.I tried to buy a mattress locally but could not find one this nice at this price.Ordering a mattress online can make you nervous and second guess yourself, I would suggest talking with Chuck and check out [...] . If your me and like soft mattress's order a 10 because 8 is pretty hard to me.Overall its a good mattress but again maybe its for people who dont weigh as much as I do. The DreamFoam devote to their customer happiness, with its signature latex foam as well as the memory foam, the DreamFoam started to reach their customer with their special materials, … I bought the queen eurotop two years ago and love it. Like most mattress models designed with memory foam, the top layer of the Copper Dreams bed has a slow response to pressure. This makes it a better choice for combination sleepers and those who enjoy a mattress with great mobility. While the Dreamfoam Chill is an all-foam mattress that layers memory foam over higher-density foams, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a hybrid mattress that layers foams over supportive coils. DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Latex – Our Verdict. Some links on Slumber Search are … I guess that’s what happens when you finally get a good mattress. I removed our old mattress, dragged the box into the bedroom and hoisted it atop the boxsprings. We are sleeping better so for us, that would be crazy. model and 2.5” in the firm model, and it provides additional. The bed itself is tremendously comfortable and a firmness level of 6 was a good choice for me. The all-foam Copper Dreams mattress ships as a bed-in-a-box, meaning it’s compressed, rolled, and placed in plastic wrap inside a cardboard box for delivery. It has a polyester blend cover that’s cool when you place your hand on it, and the memory foam comfort layer is infused with copper and graphite. It really is just two zippered air mattresses, with no localized back/hip support.So we returned the SleepNumber (for which we had to pay shipping, but I suppose it was worth experimenting). number 5 contours but is firm (don't sink). Made by Brooklyn Bedding, this memory foam mattress is great for spine alignment and motion isolation. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship, Get $399 Of Free Accessories With Mattress. We bought a King. If you like softer and weigh 140 or more, I think an 8 is good enough. I can honestly say this has been the best mattress I have slept on after owning all of the famed tv mattress's (Sleep Number/Air tube, Tempu-Pedic/Memory Foam,etc..) I was really hesitent and wanted to make sure I did not order a mattress to firm or too soft so I went with this Euro top so that I could exchange for a different foam. As I had joined the Mattress Underground, I sent him my user name and he included a free latex pillow. The DreamFoam Elements Latex is made of certified Talalay latex at a more affordable price than competitors. We purchased this mattress for my son’s room, and he loves it. I have degenerative arthritis of my spine, and It has been years since I have had a restful nights sleep. Within 2 days, I felt a good 10 years younger. It was easy to set up once I ordered and assembled a foundation. Shopping at places like Macy's etc., is better, but you will pay top prices and you may or may not get good information on what is best for you. I do not provide reviews and am often very busy. DreamFoam Chill vs. Nectar Lush The Nectar Lush is a 12” memory foam mattress with a signature memory foam hug. Who is the DreamFoam Copper Dreams Best For? If you like bounce and mobility, we recommend considering a hybrid mattress instead. Very little odor or smell. This makes it a better choice for combination sleepers and those who enjoy a mattress with great mobility. In general the mattress is lovely and I do love it compared to my old mattress. One suggestion, get the mattress into place before you puncture the plastic, so when it unrolls, it does from one end of the bed to the other. My cousin bought a mattress from Nectar and I thought, why not, since they have a no cost try-out that is so long, plus, I needed my old bed taken away. No really, the bed is outrageous and the customer service person must have checked back with me four times after my order. A supportive mattress isn't always a very firm mattress. Required fields are marked *, © 2021 I did have to replace the pillow top from a 4( too firm for me), to a 9(softer, and cushiony, just right). One of most popular mattress brands, both the Nectar and the newer Nectar Lush are all-foam mattresses that focus on universally comfortable medium and medium-firm profiles, and most customers find these mattresses to be both pressure relieving and supportive. Nearly a month later, she could not be more pleased with the mattress. He tested the bed and thought it was fine. We reused Box springs (and rotated them). But we took the plunge and ordered the mattress with a "6" firmness latex top and are absolutely amazed at the comfort. It’s so comfortable. I love the bed. Well, once something is in transit, it's actually pretty tricky to change delivery addresses. They are both memory foam beds with special cooling … Very strong recommendation. It took me about two weeks to adjust to it. The best purchase in a long time. Also, they are great for anyone with allergies according to their hypoallergenic score! He was knowledgable, personable and attentive. it kind of holds you when you get into it, and yet there is a good substantial firmness to it also. If you have a mattress that remains comfortable for years, you could save thousands. If you like firm, go with a 6 or less.I wish it was perfect and I think an 8 would be, but now I don't want to pay more money to change it out with Amazon (again). I do not experience any pressure points when I sleep (side sleeper), nor is my arm numb when I wake up. For the first few nights I thought it was just really comfortable. Keep in mind that shipping policies may vary if you order any DreamFoam Bedding mattresses from a third-party retailer like Amazon. If you’re not happy after that time window, you can return your mattress for a full refund less any shipping charges to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada or exchange the mattress. Cars.Up until a few months ago, I would have added mattresses to that list. This won't be a short review. As described it arrived in a nice nylon bag with convenient handles to carry it up the stairs. Chuck recommended against that plan and instead recommended we purchase our desired softness up front. This was a HUGE factor for me, ordering from an online-only company and not yet knowing what firmness was ideal for us.3 - Forever warranty is NOT pro-rated. We purchased this mattress a couple months ago (king size). Shortly afterward, I stumbled upon Nectar. When on your stomach, you’re likely to feel your hips sinking down into the mattress. I also did not want to give a review for a bed that I did spend "time" in.So, it has been 30+ days now and I LOVE IT! Get an Instant Discount for Dreamfoam Bedding:   Get 20% Off Mattresses - Ends 1/26. This period ensures your body has time to adjust to the bed. The reviews I had read indicated that the mattress tends to be on the firm side, so I ordered a 5 to have a medium firm mattress. This mattress saved my back. The customer service was great, and the entire process was positive considering our apprehension of buying something like this online. So so comfortable! Of course that messed up the bedskirt. It’s infused with copper and graphite, which draws heat away from the body through conductivity to help sleepers maintain an ideal body temperature at night. The company suggested we apply for medicare reimbursement by receiving a prescription for the bed from my wife’s physician and incredibly, her insurance paid for the full cost of the bed. living in california, the arizona based shipping was within a business week, far earlier than the amazon estimate. As others have mentioned, the scale is 1-10 (1 being hard as a rock). Back sleepers are typically recommended firm mattresses by sleep experts because achieving spinal alignment in this position requires an even sleeping surface. The firm model is a better option for most, , and the soft model is our pick for most, by sleep experts because achieving spinal alignment in this position requires an even sleeping surface. It does run a little hotter (to me), and it's much more supportive. While it is true that most hybrid designs tend to be very responsive, all the polyfoam and 2 layers of springs make the … We exchanged our foam bedding portion of our mattress for a softer one - no hassle and low cost. I don't care if manufactures say you do not need to flip your bed. Latex beds are the way to go. People who struggle with aches and pains should avoid the Arctic Dreams due to its firmer-than-average feel and minimal contouring, whereas the Copper Dreams offers high quality pressure relief for side sleepers and people with pain issues. We had so-so mattresses in the past and wanted to do it right, find something that really worked for both of us. Well, I am very, very happy to say that after she slept on it the first night, bed received a very enthusiastic thumbs-up. In the mattress world as like any thing else, you get what you pay for! Still not convinced, I held on to the box just in case. It feels much higher quality than my last mattress. But they both are all-foam beds with special cooling features: a copper-graphite infusion for the DreamFoam and a cooling gel and graphite infusion for the Tuft & Needle. While comparing mattresses, Dreamfoam … Let me just start by saying until I bought this mattress I had TERRIBLE back issues that made me immobile at times. If you submit a warranty claim and Brooklyn Bedding decides that your mattress has a defect, the company will repair or replace your mattress. It's amazing to see it take form. It set up and decompressed with minimal effort and odor. model and 1.5” in the firm model. After a little more research and soul searching, I ordered an 8.Delivery was quick, and the family enjoyed watching a King mattress materialize from its vacuumed package. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. After the first night, I was pain-free. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. I have several properties and I have bought them for each. When the mattress has arrived, we were very impressed by the quality. I have had quite a few back issues since getting back surgery in 2006. We couldn’t afford the insane prices out there so we took a chance on Nectar and boy did it pay off. The shipping was also very fast. Even so, I do like the general support of this mattress and feel better with latex than memory foam.A word to the wise: Amazon charges a commission (understandably) which made this purchase significantly more expensive than had I ordered directly from the seller. Around a 5.5 to 7.5 on the firmness scale. It is the perfect mix of softness and support, and it seams cooler than memory foam. This is an important consideration for couples sharing a Full- or. So after 6 months of this back and forth nonsense, I did just that. but with more bounce and responsiveness. I was already sold, but that was great to have as an option. They sounded really busy by the way at the office when I called and when I asked, they said they had just gotten some press on being 100% employee owned and rated very highly and could barely keep up with orders. Dreamcloud Vs Brooklyn Bedding Vs Nectar Rating While it is true that most hybrid designs tend to be very responsive, all the polyfoam and 2 layers of springs make the Saatva … Boy, were we proven wrong. However, any shopper reading the reviews knows there are brands that seemingly don't care about the same thing. This was impressive. The morning after my first night on this mattress, I actually woke up on my back, better rested than with the old box-spring, and over a few more nights with diminished lower back pain.

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